Outreach Office Gets Busy Helping Students

The Saddleback College Outreach Office released their numbers for the fall semester and it is clear that they have been doing a great job helping our students. While the primary goal of the Outreach Department is to bring new students to Saddleback, the center also operates the college switchboard and has campus counter service available to students.   where staff and student workers provide general information regarding college programs, services and course information, office hours and locations, and directions.

During the first week of the fall semester, the Student Information Center helped 1,700 students, an average of 340 per day! On their busiest day, Monday, August 22, 454 students visited the Information Center. Additionally, the center helped 3,500 callers through the college’s general number (4500).

In the 2010-11 school year, the department did:

  • 146 High School Visits (Includes College Nights, Quad Visits, and classroom presentations)
  • 22 Community/Business Visits
  • 139 Campus Tours
  • 22 On Campus outreach/recruitment events (i.e. Family Night and Senior Day)

Finally, I want to give kudos to the department for increasing their outreach activity. The following show a percentage increase in outreach visits since 2008-09 to current:

  • High School outreach visits increased by 37%
  • Community/Business outreach visits increased by 27%
  • Campus Tours visits increased by 30%
  • On campus outreach/recruitment events increased by 45%

Thank you to all of the staff and student assistants that support the Outreach Department!

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