Remembering Associate Professor Joe Tinervia

It is with great sadness that I report the loss of Associate Professor Joe Tinervia, who passed away on Friday after his brave battle with pancreatic cancer.  Joe worked as an associate faculty member for the last 23 years in our Division of Business Science and Economic and Workforce Development, and was a respected author, writer, and editor who worked in the publishing industry for many years.

Many of us who didn’t get to work with Joe on a regular basis got to know him as we prepared the college’s accreditation self-study report, for which he served as editor.  Joe’s gift for grammar, English, and communications made him an obvious choice in this endeavor, and he did the job extremely well.  It was a true pleasure to work with him.

Joe was an incredible human being—warm, friendly, and caring, with a wonderful sense of humor.  As stated by his friend and colleague, Dr. Barbara Cox, “Joe was a great gift in my life.  Great gifts are also the hardest losses.”

Joe was an extremely generous man, giving abundant time to his students to answer questions and help them prepare for their academic and professional goals.  He cared immensely about his students, colleagues, and friends, and it showed.  Indeed, Joe—described often as a role model, hardworking colleague, and friend—will be greatly missed by all who were lucky to know him.

Our condolences go out to Joe’s family and friends.

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