Dr. Richard D. McCullough, Saddleback College President, 2004-2008

Dr. McCullough

It is with profound sadness that I report that Dr. Richard D. McCullough, Saddleback College’s beloved president from 2004 to 2008, passed away this morning after his brave battle with cancer.

As you know, Dr. McCullough truly loved Saddleback College, and he was greatly loved in return. All who worked with him or were taught by him admired his unmatched intelligence, compassion, and charming sense of humor. He will be tremendously missed by all of us.

Dr. McCullough started at Saddleback College in 1971 as a professor in the department of biological sciences. During his 37 years at the college, Dr. McCullough served in many capacities, including president, vice president for instruction, and dean of mathematics, science, and engineering. Dr. McCullough designed the college’s electron microscopy laboratory and was instrumental in building our solar observatory. He will be forever remembered for his vision and leadership in building the Saddleback College Veterans Memorial.

Our hearts go out to Diana McCullough, his devoted wife and a respected member of the Irvine Valley College faculty. We will be supporting her and the family with their memorial service plans and once made available we will provide details to the college community.

Today is a deeply sad day, but let us all remember Saddleback College’s beloved Rich McCullough.

Another Successful In-Service Week!

In-Service Week was once again an informative and fun way to start the semester.  Thank you to everyone who played a role in the week’s activities, particularly Professor Jane Horlings for her excellent work as the program coordinator. I was glad to attend many of the presentations and see many of you at the division meetings.  As always, I was thoroughly impressed by the true professionals we have on this campus and the commitment we all share for our students.

The President’s Faculty Breakfast, Associate Faculty Dinner, and Classified Luncheon were all well attended and the audience and presenters engaged in a good discussion.  Director of Fiscal Services Carol Hilton provided a brief overview of the state and national fiscal situation and basic aid before she answered questions from the group. Dean Kevin O’Connor and Matriculation Coordinator Penny Skaff gave a wonderful presentation on student success that they had previously delivered to our Board of Trustees.  I’d also like to thank Dean Patti Flanigan and her staff for their excellent work in coordinating the associate faculty dinner, which was very well attended.

I wish you all a wonderful semester and look forward to seeing you on campus soon.

President’s Award for Leadership and Innovation Winners Announced

I’m pleased to announce the five recipients of the 2011 President’s Award for Leadership and Innovation, which annually recognizes college faculty, staff and management who have demonstrated the spirit of leadership and innovation throughout the year:  Claire Cesareo-Silva, Professor of Anthropology; Joe Tinervia, Business Instructor; Janet Jacob, Health Science and Human Services Senior Administrative Assistant; Don Busché, Acting Vice President for Instruction; and Jennie McCue, Director of Public Information and Marketing.

 2011 Award Recipients

L-R: Jennie McCue, Janet Jacob, Claire Cesareo-Silva, Don Busché

Faculty: Claire Cesareo-Silva

Claire Cesareo-Silva has demonstrated continuous leadership in the college’s accreditation success, through the enormous task of writing the college’s follow-up accreditation report and her participation on the accreditation steering committee.  The accreditation visiting team’s commendation of The Center for Instructional Design and Distance Education is due in no small part to Claire, who showed tremendous leadership in developing this very successful program for Saddleback College.  She is also leading implementation of TRACDAT to streamline the college’s Student Learning Outcomes, program review, and district-wide strategic plan integration. Additionally, Cesareo-Silva chairs and led the development of the Educational Planning and Assessment Committee, which documents a comprehensive system of planning and outcomes assessment in all programs, student support units, and administrative service units on campus.

Associate Faculty: Joe Tinervia

In the nomination form, two words that were used repeatedly to describe Joe Tinervia were “selfless,” “dedicated,” and “beloved.” He constantly worked outside of his teaching and office hours, providing students with the tutoring and guidance they needed to be successful at Saddleback. Tinervia helped to establish a student mentorship program in the business department and oversaw group and individual sessions. He also lent his superb business writing skills to the college’s accreditation self study report, on which he served as a terrific publications editor. The report garnered several commendations from the review team. Sadly, Joe Tinervia passed away on November 25, 2011; his award will be given to his survivors as a testament of the appreciation everyone at the college has for him and his dedicated service to his students and colleagues

Classified Staff: Janet Jacob

As the senior administrative assistant for the nursing department, Janet Jacob has been the leader in streamlining the application process for nursing and in developing a database that easily tracks student data. When the nursing application process was moved to her division, Jacob developed a process that was easier for applicants and reviewers. The process is more transparent to the students, who receive a receipt at the time of application as well as updates when their application moves to the next step. She also created a PowerPoint for staff and students that explains the process and addresses many of the FAQs. Jacob also led the development of the nursing database that gives faculty and staff the ability to pull student data, which can be used to drive the program and class offerings, as well as increase the likelihood of student success.

Administrator: Don Busché

As Acting Vice President for Instruction, Don Busché has taken the lead on many successful projects, including the student success initiative, enrollment management, and accreditation. The three items have been  vital in meeting the needs of the college’s increasing number of students and ensuring that they have what they need to be successful. Recently, the state chancellor’s office produced a document with recommendations on how to increase student success and, with the dedicated help of Busché, Saddleback already meets or exceeds many of those recommendations. Busché also dedicated an enormous amount of time to the college’s accreditation report, which was recognized by the state for its comprehensiveness. In one nomination form, Busché was described as a “Leader who centers decisions on student, faculty, and staff success.”

Classified Manager: Jennie McCue

As Director of Public Information and Marketing, Jennie McCue has produced results that are recognized throughout the state for innovation and effectiveness. She serves a major role in implementing many of the goals of the college’s strategic plan, including several items that are firsts for California community colleges. In 2011, McCue oversaw the development and implementation of the college’s Communications and Graphics Manual, which protects and enhances the strong brand of Saddleback College, while simultaneously making it easier for staff to create high-quality communications pieces.  McCue is always looking for innovative ways to reach students and has overseen several very successful updates to the college’s home page, both in design and in content.

Economic and Workforce Development Roundtables

Last week, I was pleased to host the second President’s Roundtable for Economic and Workforce Development on the stage of the McKinney Theatre.  Nearly 50 business and community leaders met with college leaders to discuss how to better prepare students to embark upon successful careers.

Community colleges have been linked for many years with economic and workforce development.  We learned from our first roundtable that there are jobs available, but employees are lacking skills in communication, basic math and English, and are not committed to their jobs.  The primary recommendation was that Saddleback College needs to develop and expand its internship program to give students the experience they need to be more successful in the workplace.

Studies have shown that interns are 70 percent more likely to be hired as full-time employees, get a job quicker and have more job offers than those who do not have an internship.  Interns receive 25 percent higher starting salaries than non-interns and average 2.5 months to secure a job, versus 6.3 months for non-interns.

During the  session, Susan Forte O’Neill, President of Forte Designs, facilitated an exciting discussion on ways to build and fund an internship program using a business model.  Jim Leach, CEO of the South Orange County Regional Chamber of Commerce, addressed the roundtable and discussed his group’s partnership with the college to conduct a business retention survey. The chamber is currently providing scholarships for Saddleback College student interns to work on the project.

Saddleback College currently provides internship opportunities through the Cooperative Work Experience program, which combines classroom education with planned, supervised work experience and allows the student to earn college credit for work experience.  For more information about the Saddleback College internship program, please contact Eric Hilden, Career Placement Officer, at ehilden@saddleback.edu or consult the college website at www.saddleback.edu/cwe.

Pell Grants to be Deposited Five Weeks Earlier than Expected

The Financial Aid Office (left to right): Claire Tracey, Javier Williams, Andrea McGinley, Lynn Martin, Dennis Stachelski, Tina Dang, Ruth Higgins, Quyen Dang, Pheolin Truong, Chris Alvarado

Thanks to the hard work of Saddleback’s Financial Aid Office, students will receive their Pell Grant money on January 12th,  five weeks earlier than expected. Slightly more than 2.2 million dollars will be disbursed to 2,050 students.

One of the main roadblocks to higher education tends to be financial challenges, moving this date up will undoubtedly lessen the burden for many students. Last year, Pell Grants were deposited on February 4th.

Additionally, the Saddleback College Scholarship application will go live on Monday, January 16 and will be an upgraded system with online requests and submissions.

To find out more about the many financial aid options offered at Saddleback, visit www.saddleback.edu/fao/.

Speech Instructor Receives Award from the American Legion

Stephen Robertson and Bill Cook

Congratulations to speech instructor and forensics coach Stephen Robertson, who was given a certificate of achievement from the American Legion Post 862 in recognition of his assistance with the American Legion High School Constitutional Oratorical Contest, which was held at Saddleback in December.

According to Program Chairman Bill Cook, “The American Legion Oratorical Contest exists to develop deeper knowledge and appreciation for the U.S. Constitution among high school students.”

The national contest awards $138,000 in college scholarships to several students, including a $1,500 for each state winner. Local winners will advance to the district competition on January 29th, in hopes of moving on to the national competition.

Well done, Stephen!

Innovative Ceramics Program Gives Veterans a Free Outlet for Creativity

Jason Conway, USMC, Iraq War Veteran; Steve Dilley, instructor; Duane Matthews, USMC, Vietnam War Veteran; Ryan Anderson, USMC; Nick Koscielski, USN, Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan; Brandon Houser, USMC, Iraq War Veteran

It started with a casual conversation between ceramics instructor Steve Dilley and his long-time friend.  Inspired by research into alternative treatments for veterans experiencing post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Dilley wanted to start a ceramics program open to veterans as an escape from the emotional and physical trauma they may have suffered. That friend, who is a veteran, gave Dilley a check for $12,000 and, with help from Dean of Fine Arts & Media Technology Bart McHenry, Ceramics Instructor Richard White, and Community Education Director Estella Castillo-Garrison, the program started this semester at Saddleback.

The program, which is free to veterans and their spouses through Community Education, saw a doubling of students from its first week to the second and it looks to continue to grow as more student veterans discover it. Dilley is working closely with the college’s VETS Center, specifically with Kevin Williams’ Applied Psychology 140 class geared toward veterans, to tout the benefits of having a fun course like ceramics.

Dilley tells all students to come as they are, regardless of physical or mental limitations. “You can do ceramics with one hand. You can do it if you’ve had traumatic brain injury.  It really doesn’t matter. These veterans can do it.” Ceramics has the ability to help improve fine motor skills and concentration, even if veterans have severe injuries.

Dilley sees the program as a bridge to academics, especially for those who are not yet ready to take traditional classes. “When we’re talking about ceramics, we touch on chemistry, geology, anthropology, and a lot of other areas of study. This may be a way for these students to find their calling and career path.”

Although the current donation will only cover this semester’s course, Dilley is hoping to continue and expand it.  In addition to starting a similar program at another community college, Dilley is also hoping to work with the Department of Veterans Affairs to bring the program to military bases and hospitals.  It appears that he may be close to his goal — the VA has shown an interest in having him speak to injured veterans about alternative PTSD treatments.

Even though the program is already bigger than he ever imagined, Dilley still believes, “If I help lessen the pain of just one veteran, this program will have been successful.”

Presidents’ Cup Basketball Tournament Proceeds to Go to One of Saddleback College’s Own

Students, faculty, staff, and management are all invited to attend the Presidents’ Cup on Friday, February 3rd at the Saddleback College gymnasium.  The women’s game will begin  at 5:30 p.m. and the men’s game will begin  at 7:30 p.m.  As in years past, proceeds from the event will go to Coaches vs. Cancer, but this year the proceeds will directly benefit one of the college’s own: Director of Student Development Audra DiPadova, whose young son is undergoing chemotherapy.

This will be the fourth  Presidents’ Cup Tournament, a friendly basketball competition between the Saddleback College Gauchos and the Irvine Valley College Lasers.  Admission is $5. The Gauchos won the first round of the Presidents’ Cup at  IVC and will work to clinch the trophy on February 3rd.

Come to the game and cheer on your Saddleback College Gauchos!

Founding Faculty Member Endows $140,000 toward Student Scholarships

Linda Richardson Rice, a member of Saddleback College’s “first faculty” who started when the college opened its doors to students in 1968, endowed more than $140,000 for scholarships for students who are majoring in or planning a career in education. The first scholarship from Rice’s endowment will be awarded in May and will continue to support students for many years.

In the information provided to the Foundation, Rice wrote that she appreciated the scholarships she received while in college and endowed this money to give future students the same opportunity for a college education. Rice, who passed away in 2010, was a devoted teacher for more than 50 years and joined Saddleback in 1968 as one of the first faculty members, teaching secretarial science. She became an instrumental influence in computer information management, both originating and teaching many computer courses. She taught full-time at Saddleback for 27 years until she retired in 1995. Following retirement, Rice continued teaching part-time for seven years, and then taught emeritus courses until 2010.

Propose a Community Education Class Today

The Community Education Department encourages faculty to propose new, not for credit class ideas for 2012. Join a number of full- and part-time faculty in offering a Community Education class for adults or children.

Although all of the classes proposed cannot be offered, we would like to invite you to propose classes that may fit the needs of our community. We look for classes that do not conflict with Saddleback College’s current academic offerings, but rather look for those that spark the interest of our community as we endeavor to bring the community to Saddleback College.

Please contact Community Education Director Estella Castillo-Garrison at extension 4326 to learn more about how you can propose a class or other ways you can cross-promote your academic offerings with Community Education. Saddleback College’s Community Education  Department is a self-supporting entity that receives no funds from Saddleback College or the state of California and offers short-term classes that are not for college credit and separate from the college’s academic offerings.

Join Our E-Newsletter and Become A Facebook Fan to stay in the loop! Visit the Community Education website, www.ce.saddleback.edu to sign up for our E-newsletter and/or become a Facebook fan. Discounts Offered! Saddleback College Community Education department is pleased to extend a 10% discount to all Saddleback College, Irvine Valley College, and South Orange County Community College District employees. Some restrictions do apply. Visit the Community Education office to register for a class today! Thank you for your service and support to our community and we look forward to your participation.