Another Successful In-Service Week!

In-Service Week was once again an informative and fun way to start the semester.  Thank you to everyone who played a role in the week’s activities, particularly Professor Jane Horlings for her excellent work as the program coordinator. I was glad to attend many of the presentations and see many of you at the division meetings.  As always, I was thoroughly impressed by the true professionals we have on this campus and the commitment we all share for our students.

The President’s Faculty Breakfast, Associate Faculty Dinner, and Classified Luncheon were all well attended and the audience and presenters engaged in a good discussion.  Director of Fiscal Services Carol Hilton provided a brief overview of the state and national fiscal situation and basic aid before she answered questions from the group. Dean Kevin O’Connor and Matriculation Coordinator Penny Skaff gave a wonderful presentation on student success that they had previously delivered to our Board of Trustees.  I’d also like to thank Dean Patti Flanigan and her staff for their excellent work in coordinating the associate faculty dinner, which was very well attended.

I wish you all a wonderful semester and look forward to seeing you on campus soon.

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