Pell Grants to be Deposited Five Weeks Earlier than Expected

The Financial Aid Office (left to right): Claire Tracey, Javier Williams, Andrea McGinley, Lynn Martin, Dennis Stachelski, Tina Dang, Ruth Higgins, Quyen Dang, Pheolin Truong, Chris Alvarado

Thanks to the hard work of Saddleback’s Financial Aid Office, students will receive their Pell Grant money on January 12th,  five weeks earlier than expected. Slightly more than 2.2 million dollars will be disbursed to 2,050 students.

One of the main roadblocks to higher education tends to be financial challenges, moving this date up will undoubtedly lessen the burden for many students. Last year, Pell Grants were deposited on February 4th.

Additionally, the Saddleback College Scholarship application will go live on Monday, January 16 and will be an upgraded system with online requests and submissions.

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