President’s Award for Leadership and Innovation Winners Announced

I’m pleased to announce the five recipients of the 2011 President’s Award for Leadership and Innovation, which annually recognizes college faculty, staff and management who have demonstrated the spirit of leadership and innovation throughout the year:  Claire Cesareo-Silva, Professor of Anthropology; Joe Tinervia, Business Instructor; Janet Jacob, Health Science and Human Services Senior Administrative Assistant; Don Busché, Acting Vice President for Instruction; and Jennie McCue, Director of Public Information and Marketing.

 2011 Award Recipients

L-R: Jennie McCue, Janet Jacob, Claire Cesareo-Silva, Don Busché

Faculty: Claire Cesareo-Silva

Claire Cesareo-Silva has demonstrated continuous leadership in the college’s accreditation success, through the enormous task of writing the college’s follow-up accreditation report and her participation on the accreditation steering committee.  The accreditation visiting team’s commendation of The Center for Instructional Design and Distance Education is due in no small part to Claire, who showed tremendous leadership in developing this very successful program for Saddleback College.  She is also leading implementation of TRACDAT to streamline the college’s Student Learning Outcomes, program review, and district-wide strategic plan integration. Additionally, Cesareo-Silva chairs and led the development of the Educational Planning and Assessment Committee, which documents a comprehensive system of planning and outcomes assessment in all programs, student support units, and administrative service units on campus.

Associate Faculty: Joe Tinervia

In the nomination form, two words that were used repeatedly to describe Joe Tinervia were “selfless,” “dedicated,” and “beloved.” He constantly worked outside of his teaching and office hours, providing students with the tutoring and guidance they needed to be successful at Saddleback. Tinervia helped to establish a student mentorship program in the business department and oversaw group and individual sessions. He also lent his superb business writing skills to the college’s accreditation self study report, on which he served as a terrific publications editor. The report garnered several commendations from the review team. Sadly, Joe Tinervia passed away on November 25, 2011; his award will be given to his survivors as a testament of the appreciation everyone at the college has for him and his dedicated service to his students and colleagues

Classified Staff: Janet Jacob

As the senior administrative assistant for the nursing department, Janet Jacob has been the leader in streamlining the application process for nursing and in developing a database that easily tracks student data. When the nursing application process was moved to her division, Jacob developed a process that was easier for applicants and reviewers. The process is more transparent to the students, who receive a receipt at the time of application as well as updates when their application moves to the next step. She also created a PowerPoint for staff and students that explains the process and addresses many of the FAQs. Jacob also led the development of the nursing database that gives faculty and staff the ability to pull student data, which can be used to drive the program and class offerings, as well as increase the likelihood of student success.

Administrator: Don Busché

As Acting Vice President for Instruction, Don Busché has taken the lead on many successful projects, including the student success initiative, enrollment management, and accreditation. The three items have been  vital in meeting the needs of the college’s increasing number of students and ensuring that they have what they need to be successful. Recently, the state chancellor’s office produced a document with recommendations on how to increase student success and, with the dedicated help of Busché, Saddleback already meets or exceeds many of those recommendations. Busché also dedicated an enormous amount of time to the college’s accreditation report, which was recognized by the state for its comprehensiveness. In one nomination form, Busché was described as a “Leader who centers decisions on student, faculty, and staff success.”

Classified Manager: Jennie McCue

As Director of Public Information and Marketing, Jennie McCue has produced results that are recognized throughout the state for innovation and effectiveness. She serves a major role in implementing many of the goals of the college’s strategic plan, including several items that are firsts for California community colleges. In 2011, McCue oversaw the development and implementation of the college’s Communications and Graphics Manual, which protects and enhances the strong brand of Saddleback College, while simultaneously making it easier for staff to create high-quality communications pieces.  McCue is always looking for innovative ways to reach students and has overseen several very successful updates to the college’s home page, both in design and in content.

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