Classified Employee Outstanding Service Award Recipient and Nominees

Presenting Valerie Senior with her Classified Employee Outstanding Service Award

I am pleased to congratulate Valerie Senior who was selected as this year’s recipient of the Saddleback College Classified Employee Outstanding Service Award.  For those who many not know Valerie (though this is doubtful), she is an Application Specialist II in our acclaimed Center for Instructional Design and Distance Education (CIDDE).  I am thrilled that Valerie has received this much deserved honor, and commend her for her excellent work for our students, employees, and college.  I also commend her many nominees for recognizing the excellent job she has done for us.  Here is just some of the praise for Valerie her colleagues offered on their nomination forms:

“I truly respect what an incredible asset she is to CIDDE.  She has been a terrific mentor to me.  Her suggestions, recommendations and insights all come from a position of respect and kindness.”

“Valerie conceived and implemented the 2011 iPad project, which tracked faculty members taking the educator online courses and their success in the program.”

“Valerie has been an employee of Saddleback College for over 16 years, but her drive, enthusiasm, energy and fresh ideas are indicative of a new hire.”

“Valerie is excellent at her job.  She’s reliable, thorough, and patient when working with faculty one-on-one.  She conducts training sessions with professionalism, and shows not only her extensive knowledge, but also her dedication to the success of the faculty in teaching.”

“She’s smart, efficient, witty, friendly, and quick.  As a professional, she’s reliable, organized, and knowledgeable.  In sum, Valerie is a top-notch employee, and I am grateful to have her as a colleague.”

“I have witnesses Valerie make appointments for as early as 7:00 a.m. to accommodate faculty schedules.  She is ready to work from the moment she steps through the door with back-to-back appointments throughout the day.”

“Valerie collaborated with faculty to create the curriculum and the program for the online educator certificate program, which has been instrumental in increasing the quality of online education and promoting student-centered learning environments.”

“Valerie has not only taught technology to us at Saddleback, but has shown us her special traits that through generosity, a positive attitude, and by being friendly, helpful, and accommodating, there are ways to combat work-related stress and be more productive at work.”

As you can see, Valerie has many fans, and deservedly so.  Congratulations again to Valerie for this well-deserved recognition of her many accomplishments!

I also would like to congratulate several other outstanding individuals who were nominated by their colleagues for the Classified Employee Outstanding Service Award:

Barbara Benavides, Senior Transfer Center Specialist

Matt Brodet, Video Production Specialist

Linda Hall, Senior Administrative Assistant, Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Mira Manchik, Senior Administrative Assistant, Division of Business Science and Economic and Workforce Development

Don Mineo, Career Guidance Officer

Brooke Sauter, Senior Administrative Assistant, VETS Center

My Troung, Admissions and Records Specialist II

Marlene Weintraub, Senior Administrative Assistant, Division of Liberal Arts

All of our nominees are much deserving and thanks to all who took the time to give their colleagues recognition for their hard work and dedication to Saddleback College.

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