Saddleback Hires New Faculty and Staff

At this year’s In-Service presentations, President Burnett introduced the 27 new tenure track faculty and 15 new classified staff who will support the new student completion goals.

Please join me in welcoming the newest members of the Saddleback College community!

New Tenure Track Faculty

The newest faculty members pose with President Burnett and Academic Senate President Bob Cosgrove

  • Amara Aguilar, Journalism
  • Ariel Ann Alexander, Music
  • Shellie Banga, English Composition
  • Jack Beckham, English Composition
  • Christina Bowles, Nursing
  • Donald P. Bowman, Accounting
  • Todd Brei, Physics
  • Deidre Cavazzi, Dance
  • Sarah Chang, Counselor
  • Kathryn Damm, Psychology
  • Stevie Daniels, English as a Second Language
  • David Charles Dixon, Physics
  • Michelle M. Duffy, Reading
  • Michael Engels, Counselor
  • Monica Friedrich, Biology
  • Esther Gravis, Nursing
  • Yorgos (Georgios) Kouritas, Music
  • Kenneth Lee, Horticulture
  • Laura Leedahl, Nursing
  • William Francis McGuire, Theater
  • Bouchra Nadeau, French
  • Orlantha Nin, Transfer Center Coordinator/Counselor
  • James “Patrick” Quigley II, Mathematics
  • John Richard Reese, Art
  • Kia Shafe, Mathematics
  • Jeff Vogel, Reading
  • Lydia Welhan, Librarian

New Classified Employees

President Burnett stands with the newest classified employees

  • Yvonne Belardes, Office Assistant, Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Susan Cook, Administrative Assistant, Math, Science and Engineering
  • Edward De La O, Grants Analyst, Administrative Services
  • Ileana Grecu, Night Custodian, Facilities
  • Linda Hall, Senior Administrative Assistant, Business Science and Economic and Workforce Development
  • Rania Hamad, Career Services Technician, Counseling Services and Special Programs
  • Natalie Hart, Office Assistant, Student Development
  • Bonnie Minnis, Office Assistant, Community Education
  • Karen Kelley, Sr. Lab Technician, Math, Science and Engineering
  • Hochin Moon, Articulation Specialist, Counseling Services and Special Programs
  • Mason Roset, Photography/Art Lab Technician, Fine Arts and Media Technology
  • Ashley SanFilippo, Office Assistant, Online Education and Learning Resources
  • Randy Van Dyke, Cinema and TV Lab Technician, Fine Arts and Media Technology
  • Sheri Wenzel, Senior Accounting Specialist, Administrative Services
  • Karen Yang, Administrative Assistant, Liberal Arts

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