Jimmy Kimmel Live and the MaxLove Project

Max Wilford, the seven-year-old son of
Audra DiPadova, our wonderful Director of Student Life, has been bravely
battling brain cancer.  Since Max’s diagnosis on August 5, 2011, we’ve
closely followed his progress and have been awed by his bravery.  We’ve
also been inspired by the efforts of the Wilford Family as Audra, Justin, and
Max have raised awareness of childhood cancer through the many heroic efforts
of their foundation, the MaxLove Project.

The current Rainbow Loom trend (if you have kids, you definitely already know
about Rainbow Loom) has been a wonderful way for the MaxLove Project to raise
awareness, with thousands already taking part in helping Max to create the
world’s longest Rainbow Loom chain to raise money for cancer
research.  The kids and faculty at Max’s school, Arroyo Elementary in
Tustin, have rallied behind Max’s efforts, and ultimately caught the attention
of Jimmy Kimmel, the late night talk show host, who has taken an interest in
Rainbow Loom and had a “Suit of the Loom” weaved from the thousands of Rainbow
Loom creations sent in by the children of his viewers.

Fourth graders at Max’s school created a video encouraging Jimmy to meet Max,
and last night, he did just that.

Yes, that’s right.  Max was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.  If you missed it, we’ve provided a clip for you here.  The kindness shown toward Max is very
moving, to say the least.  It is a pure joy to see the likes of Jimmy
Kimmel and Ellen Degeneres (who was also a guest on the show) display such
warmth to this little boy we all care so deeply for.

Jimmy Kimmel is auctioning his Suit of the Loom on e-Bay, with the proceeds
benefiting the MaxLove Project.  To see the suit, click here.  At my
last glance, the suit was going for over $8,000!

In celebration of Max’s birthday, a Loom-a-Thon will be held this
weekend.  An article in today’s Orange County Register provides
information on the Loom-a-Thon and how you can participate in Max’s goal to
create the world’s longest rainbow loom.  To see the Orange County Register article, click here.

I know all of us are very proud of Max, Audra, and Justin.  They are truly
unique people who have selflessly raised awareness of childhood cancer and
thousands of other children and their families.  Their compassion knows no
bounds and we are very fortunate to know these truly good people.  For more information on the MaxLove Project, visit www.maxloveproject.org.

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