Dr. Georgina Guy, EOPS/CARE Coordinator, Receives California Outstanding Service Award

Dr. Georgina Guy

EOPS (Extended Opportunity Program and Services)/CARE Coordinator and CalWORKs Director Dr. Georgina Guy was given the Outstanding Service Award by the California Community Colleges EOPS Association. Dr. Guy’s staff submitted the nomination form in hopes of recognizing her for going above and beyond the call of duty. One California EOPS employee is chosen for the Outstanding Service Award for making an “outstanding contribution and provided outstanding services to EOP&S.”

Orlantha Nin, EOPS Counselor, stated “Dr. Guy deserves this award for her tireless efforts to advocate for college students in the EOPS population.  She does this at the local level by coordinating our program at Saddleback College and she is also very involved in advocating at the regional and state level.  We are all very proud to know that her efforts are being recognized.”

Recently, Dr. Guy has taken the initiative to make two major changes on our campus. First, she converted her programs into a fully-paperless systems. This serves both as an efficiency and as an environmentally-friendly means of providing a service. The paperless system allowed the EOPS students to be the first group on campus to move fully to online student educational plan.

Dr. Guy also spearheads the new EOPS Student Success Committee. This summer, all students who found themselves facing challenges were required to meet with Dr. Guy and a counselor to review their situation. This hands-on approach and intervention made a significant impact on students and aided in making informed programmatic changes in the following term.

Congratulations on your well-deserved award, Dr. Guy! The entire Saddleback community is proud to have you on our team!

Physics Professor Embraces the Future of Green Technology

Mitch Haeri stands next to his zero emission, hydrogen fuel cell car

Dr. Mitch Haeri, a professor of physics and astronomy, was recently selected to drive a hydrogen fuel cell car as part of a pilot program by Mercedes-Benz.  The program is part of an effort to get more clean energy cars on the road and bring awareness to the public about the zero emission vehicles that produce water as exhaust.  The perks of the program include free automobile insurance and fuel, which Dr. Haeri, who said he is “Mr. Green” because of his eco-friendly way of life, gets at local hydrogen filling stations.

Fuel cell cars generate electricity that feed an electric motor and are fueled only with hyrdrogen.  With a horsepower of 135, driving one feels no different from driving a regular car (Dr. Haeri was kind enough to let the author take his new wheels for a spin).  All car manufacturers produce hydrogen fuel cell cars, but as of now only Mercedez-Benz and Honda have them available in small numbers for the public to drive.

Dr. Haeri was one of the few selected for the program after submitting an essay to the auto manufacturer.  This is the third eco-friendly car he has driven, being the owner of two Toyota Priuses (including the first model that was released) before being selected to lease his new hydrogen-powered automobile.