California Community Colleges Chancellor, Jack Scott, Retires

Dr. Tod Burnett, Saddleback College President, and Dr. Jack Scott, California Community Colleges Chancellor

On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of attending a retirement celebration for California Community Colleges Chancellor Jack Scott whose retirement is effective September 1, 2012. The event, “A Sulte to Jack Scott: A Legacy of Service,” was a fitting tribute to Dr. Scott, who served as chancellor since January 2009 and has been a proponent for community colleges since he became president of Pasadena City College in 1987.

Dr. Scott’s legacy includes several sweeping reforms to support student success. Two of the Chancellor’s most innovative initiatives – the Associate Degree for Transfer program and the California Community Colleges Student Success Task Force – will create a positive change for our students for many years to come.

Saddleback College was honored to have Dr. Scott speak at commencement in May where he imparted words of wisdom to the new graduates, urging them to be prepared for roadblocks but to always be persistent. Throughout his career Dr. Scott has always been persistent and the 112 California community colleges are better because of him! Congratulations Dr. Scott on your retirement, you will be missed!

Sandy Marzilli, Director of the Emeritus Institute, Retires after 22 Years of Service

At Monday’s meeting of the South Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees, Sandy Marzilli, director of the Saddleback College Emeritus Institute, was honored for her 22 years of service to the college and our students.

Sandy Marzilli started at Saddleback in 1990 and previously worked as a gerontology instructor and wrote the curriculum for the college’s caregiver training program. As director of the Emeritus Institute, Marzilli oversees programs that have an enrollment of more than 20,000 senior citizens throughout south Orange County.  During her tenure, the Emeritus Institute thrived in many ways — it was awarded the prestigious SAGE award (Senior Achievement and General Excellence), received several large endowments, including one for $2.2 million, the program has grown 22% since 2010, and even  hosted students from Yamano College of Aesthetics in Tokyo, Japan!

Sandy Marzilli is an absolute delight to work with and has done a fantastic job serving our college and our emeritus students. Thank you for your service, Sandy, and enjoy your retirement!

Thirty Faculty Members Retire After Devoting a Total of 829 Years to Saddleback!

The faculty of Saddleback College are a select and distinguished group of individuals who have committed themselves to one of the most valued and revered professions.  Respected for their commitment to academic pursuits and higher education, our faculty are well known throughout our community and are cherished on our campus for their academic achievements and enduring dedication to our students.

This is a bitter sweet time of year, as we say good-bye to our retiring faculty who have often spent decades at Saddleback College, committing themselves to their students and the continuous improvement of their programs.  These faculty, who have been elevated to the status of professor emeritus, will be missed for their many contributions to our college.

Together, the following retiring faculty have spent a total of 829 years of full-time teaching at Saddleback College, with many spending additional years as associate faculty, administrators, and classified staff :

Division of Advanced Technology and Applied Science
Zane Johnson, Horticulture, 36 years
Ken Patton, RapidTech Center, 10 years

Division of Counseling Services and Special Programs
Jo Ann Alford, 26 years
Pete Espinosa, 31 years
Miki Mikolajczak, 31 years

Division of Business Science and Economic & Workforce Development
Walter DeAguero, Accounting, 27 years
Carolyn Gillay, Computer Information Management, 27 years
Linda Newell, Business, 20 years

Emeritus Institute
Claudia Cline,  Physical Education, 22 years

Division of Fine Arts and Media Technology
Patrick Fennel, Theater Arts, 32 years
Terry Newman, Music, 35 years (with five additional years as a part-time instructor)

Division of Health Sciences and Human Services
Alda Babusek, Nursing, 32 years
Barbara Belyea, Nursing, 29 years
Ginny Giguere, Nursing, 31 years
Susan Nawa-Raridon, Nursing, 27 years
Danuta Zakrzewski, Nursing, 32 years

Division of Kinesiology and Athletics
Nancy Besette, Health Education, 35 years
John Hodges, Kinesiology and Baseball Coach, 22 years

Division of Liberal Arts and Learning Resources
Cheryl Altman, Reading, 22 years
Brenda Bruno, English, 25 years
Petrina Friede, German, 32 years
Jill Lagatta, Reading, 6 years
Jeanne Mazique, English, 21 years
Mike Reed, Journalism, 26 years
Kathleen Smith, ESL, 21 years

Division of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering
Christina Carol, Computer Science, 30 years
Robert Parsons, Physics, 43 years
William Summers, Mathematics, 26 years
Kazumitsu (Kaz) Tarui, Mathematics, 31 years

Social and Behavioral Sciences
Bob Ferguson, Psychology, 41 years